1.5 Tales! #miracles

Hi Family and Friends!
Its been about a week and a half since I last emailed! It has been a wonderful 1.5 weeks. I just wanted to share some quick highlights/miracles.

Chloe who is 14, daughter of a newly baptized member set a date for the 12th of November. The ward is just eating her up and loves her. She wants to do what is right, and so every time we teach her, she learns more about the Lords love. She is very excited, however with the normal nervousness and such. We reminded her the importance of prayer and scripture study because Satan will work harder than ever before to detour her from entering the waters of baptism.

Josephine is a 19-year-old in a less-active family. She attends the Mizzou college in Columbia, MO. She called us last week seeking advice and help with the things she is going through at her freshman year in college. We reminded her of the importance of scripture study and prayer. She struggles not seeing the scripture just as words in a book, to actually gaining spiritual light and knowledge from them. She committed to read that week. The next day we got a text message in the morning from her telling us that she had exactly 10 min before her morning class, and she read D&C section 1. She then said that everything in her day was better. At the end of the week, she gave a very similar report. She was so happy to finally have help that she was looking for. Keeping the commandments bring tremendous blessings. Heavenly Father is ready at the gate to give blessings, if we do the things that allow us to receive them.

Cory has been struggling for a while now, a newer member of the ward who has gone less-active. We have been trying to have him come to church for months now… And on Sunday, HE CAME!! We were so excited. It was also the primary program (which we sang in as well), and he really misses being there. The members of the ward know he isn’t there and message him on a weekly basic asking how he is doing. He wants to make changes in his life, and prepare himself to go to the temple. He is so excited to prepare himself to do so.

Other than that we are working and we love it! We have stake conference coming up this weekend. Very excited to hear what our leaders have to say. The stake president is in our ward, we see him often, and we have an idea of what is going to happen.

Did you know that the St. Louis Stake that was organized in the later 1800’s was the 3rd stake organized in the church? When many of the saints were on their trek west, they stopped here to earn some money. Manchester, MO, the city that is in our district was one the stops for the saints as they went by our area to their journey west. I learned that from a member last night. Event though the stake dissolved once the saints all moved to Salt Lake, its good to know that the St. Louis Stake was the 3rd ever organized and I am in it right now!

May the Lord continue to bless your lives. He loves you beyond measure and comprehension.
The Gospel is real! I love it!