Saturday P-day?

Hi Family and Friends!!

Yes, we are emailing on Saturday because we have a p-day with the mission president and wife today. Also, the week after I will not be emailing on Monday either. That is being moved to Wednesday the 26th.

Well this week has been short since I last shared what we are experiencing. We have been working with members hardcore the last few weeks ago. A family in the ward has tried the “Set a Date” by which they can invite someone to hear the lessons by the missionaries. Well, this family invited someone, and had us and them over for dinner. Her name is Anna. She has a thick Russian accent, however can speak English decently. She is Jehovah’s Witness, however hasn’t found quite what she is looking for in a church. And she explained the things she was experiencing and looking for, the message of the Restoration had all the answers she was looking for. We invited her to continue to study the restoration pamphlet to find answers to her questions. She committed to read the Book of Mormon, and the member invited her to church tomorrow, plus she committed to be baptized when she came to know these things were true. Anna is a grandmother of several kids, and she is really sweet.

We had a great Zone Leader Training this last week as well. The topic was repentance and focusing more on baptism during lessons and such. I have grown to love repentance, even daily repentance. I am still far from perfect, however we can repent daily because we fall short everyday. As long as we are being different tomorrow, for the better, that is all we need to do. Sins block blessings that our Heavenly Father is already willing to grant us. Therefore as we repent, our lives will change and improve. We will see ourselves, God, and the world in different light. Repentance is a gift from a loving Heavenly Father, made possible by his Son Jesus Christ. After we had this wonderful conference, Elder Scriver and I spent the next day working in the Zone Leaders area. It was really fun! I learned a lot that we can apply in our own area.

The Gospel is real. I love it!
May the Lord continue to bless each and every one of your lives. He loves you beyond measure and comprehension.

Have a great weekend and week!