Post Conference Week

Hi Family and Friends!!

Another great week here in Rockwood. We have spent most of this week teaching! Particularly working with investigators, we also have been teaching the Restoration message to most of the ward. I have found a renewed love for this message of hope and love from our Heavenly Father. I know the God loves his children. If we too “lack wisdom”, we can turn to him in prayer. He does listen to our prayers. He does know us. He loves us.

Our district is having some investigators progress toward baptism. Chloe in our area and a few others. We are really excited. Our ward is jumping on board of helping this young women make a big change in her life. We have another lesson with her tonight, talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for a Savior in our lives. We are also working with a lady names Karen. She has 3 kids, two are twins. We talked to her this week and she had questions about the Plan of Salvation and such and we continued to answer them. She is a single mom trying to support her family. Cory isnt’ working at Sams club anymore, which means he can manage his schedule more. He hasn’t been to church in many weeks. We really love and appreciate him, and trying to help him see Gods love in his life, and find joy in coming to church.

We had an opportunity this week to help another Sisters area. We had a blast of having 6 companionship’s helping them to find people to teach. I have been able to learn so much being a leader for other missionaries. I know the Savior is a perfect example of a leader and follower. This transfer is a transfer of change. It’s interesting because this topic of repentance and change I felt was needed to help us progress and move forward, apparently President Bateman also felt the same about the mission. That is the topic of our meeting this coming week as a zone leader training. Very excited!

Funny story, we met a lady last night, she knew who we were because one day about a year ago, she really wanted some Peanut Butter… So could not, for the life of her, get the lid of the peanut butter! (never thought I would be so hard, but to her it was!). She went to the neighbor, they couldn’t get it open. She was desparate. The missionaries were knocking doors, and was able to open her peanut butter! She wasn’t interested in our message, but I thought it was really funny.

The Gospel is true! It is real! Embrace it.

Have a great week full of Joy!