Weekly Adventures 9/26/2016

Hi Family and Friends!!

This week has been fantastic! Every week is getting better and better. Our focus has been on the Restoration this last week. We have been working to
teach it within 4 minutes. God works miracles! This is the message we have to the whole world that God has again reached out to his children (us) in
love by revealing the fullness of the Gospel to his children. Revelation has not ceased, prophets didn’t end at the time of Christ. God Loves his children. We are working to improve our testimonies of this, especially by reading the Book of Mormon, which is evidence of this.

Well, Elder Griffin is staying here in Rockwood 1st ward for another 6 weeks!! I have been serving in this ward for 4 transfers now, and after the 5th, will have been here for 7.5 months. We have a lot of work to do. The ward members are changing. A fire is growing. The Lord is preparing his children.

We were able to teach Karen this week! We met her jogging a few weeks ago, and she has been really sick these last few weeks. She is very religious,
and committed to be reading the Book of Mormon. So we taught her the restoration, and we are seeing her again this next week. She has 3 kids,
including twins! She is recently divorced.

We are continuing to work with Dick. We are continuing to invite him to baptism. He told us that if he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the
Book of Mormon was true he would be baptized. He loves to serve other people. We are trying to find opportunities in the ward that he can serve
other members.

Things are going well. The weather is turning and looks like Fall is around the corner.

Have a wonderful week! God bless. The Gospel is true.