What we learn

Hi Family and Friends!!

Sending an update from Wildwood, Missouri! Things are going well here. I love being a missionary. Many opportunities to serve bring such joy to my
life. I hope others find happiness in their service wherever they have the opportunity to do so.

We finally were able to see Cory this week!! It makes me so happy. He is struggling in many ways. We are working with the newer members of the ward because it is a difficult change to have in one’s life. Many times we all find that the church organization is perfect, however all the members have
fault and weaknesses. Heavenly Father did this intentionally so that we can learn and grow. Cory wasn’t able to make it to church on Sunday. We are
still continuing to love him.

We are also continuing to love and help Dick prepare for baptism. We answered his questions this week about what happens after baptism and such.

This week has been so full of spiritual learning! I love the scriptures and the gospel because I have been able to study it a lot being a missionary. I treasure those opportunities. I especially learn while studying for others. Teaching is such a privilege in the church, and I hope many take the
opportunities to do so.

We had a Mission Tour this week from Elder Anderson of the 70. It was amazing! Mostly the things that were discussed were our purpose as missionaries. It seems that our mission is in needing of a vision realignment, and many prayers were answered by those who spoke at Mission
Tour. The Lord trust each and everyone of us with so many things. Often times we ask ‘how can I gain the trust of the Lord’, however juxtaposing
that to, The Lord knows exactly who we are. He always keeps his promises; do we trust him? Do we strive to keep our covenants/promises that we have made?

I have come to a greater knowledge and stronger appreciation for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. What Jesus Christ did for all mankind, allows us to be “at one” with our Heavenly Father. Without him we cannot stand in front of God. His atonement allows us to be reconciled with the Father because we sin naturally as fallen children. We must turn our hearts to the healing power of the atonement. Everything that happens to us in this life, unfair, pain, suffering, all of that we experience will be made okay with the Atonement. Because he was lifted up on the cross, we can come to him with a broken heart and contrite spirit. I had this thought on Sunday during the Sacrament. How is it that I can love someone so much that I have never met? Well… We have indeed met the Savior. He is not far. I believe one of the tenets of this life is to remember our testimonies of the Savior as we become like him, just as we have had before this world. We simply cannot do “life” on our own. God has promised us strength and hope. Pray for balance in all that you do. Feeling overwhelmed, pray to him. Christ knows how to “succor his people”. Many of this knowledge and experience has come because of the restored knowledge of the Savior Jesus Christ and his Gospel.

We have been focusing on teaching the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 4 min or less. We have been able to do this on door approaches, and to members, and the spirit is SO strong. I know the Prophet Joseph Smith saw what he did.

The Gospel is real! It is been restored! I love it!

Have a great and amazing week!