Coincidences, I think not!

Hi Family and Friends!!

Phew! Another week gone already? Time is going super fast. This has been a really nice week. Spent a few days in other areas helping and learning from other missionaries this week. On exchanges in the Zone Leaders area, and serving alongside a fellow elder’s area while our companions were at the temple. We are focusing more on being testifying and challenging missionaries. Our whole district. Since the district covers a really nice portion of West County in St. Louis, the work has been slow. Many people have strong faith in their own religions and such, so because of that, we are required to turn to the Lord for guidance, and the members.

We are working on preparing Dick for baptism. We went over the baptismal interview questions, and discussed what he needed to do and gain a testimony of to take upon him the Name of Christ and be sanctified through baptism and receive the Holy Ghost.

Phil told us this week, after a really great lesson given by the Ward mission at our weekly gospel principals meeting that he would not pray if Joseph Smith was a prophet. It all hangs in the balance here Phil! He would rather figure things out for himself than pray to God and ask…

Cool Story, on Exchanges in the Zone leaders area, we were leaving an apartment complex after tracting it for a bit, and saw a lady at the bus stop, we went to talk to her. As we did so, she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, and told us that she had missed her bus about 30 min ago, and then told us that this must be a sign from God that we needed to talk to her. She accepted that she would read the Book of Mormon. As her bus pulled to the light waiting to turn down out street – St. Louis Metro buses have these sings that say ‘Looking for a sign?’ as an advertisement for advertising with them. Hmmm. Coincidence, I think not! God does not do random!!!

Other than that, things are well. We have a mission conference coming up this week with Elder Anderson. Looking very forward to that. We are working better as a companionship of using the spirit more in everything. Our understanding from the spirit about the spirit has grown so much this week, the Lord truly blesses.

May he continue to bless your lives!! The Gospel is real.

Have a great week!