Moving Forward!

Hi Family and Friends!

This week has been a week of personal growth. I can say that being a missionary is the best thing for one’s life. I never thought I would be able to grow so much is so little time. What an opportunity to have his spirit to do this work. God knows his children, all of them personally and even more than we know ourselves. He knows what potential we have, and that is why he gives us challenges to help shape and guide us to change. If we are not allowing change to happen within our lives, quite possibly we need to return to him and change something.

I didn’t give much of a bio about my companion last week. Elder Scriver is from Taylorsville City Utah. He has been a missionary for 17 months now, I
first served around him while in my first area in Belleville Illinois, he was in the neighboring area. I am have now been serving in the Rockwood ward for 5 months, and expect to stay here for 6 months. I have served 6 months already in my first area in Illinois. He loves all things computers and played the french horn in high school. (yes your instrument tells you a lot about a person… ish).

We have had a wonderful week. Phil and Dick are progressing toward baptism. We are trying to help raise their vision of why we need to be baptized.
Phil still needs to learn a lot before he will accept it, however we made our purpose clearer for them this week, which is really great. We had our very first President and Sister Bateman zone conference this last week. It was amazing. I tried to prepare myself a lot better for this conference, and the spirit was very strong. I feel a stronger desire to do the Lord work. I am grateful to also help other missionaries fulfill their purpose as well. I am gaining a testimony of goal setting and following through them this transfer. I foresee many great things in store for our area, district, and us as a mission.

We met a man this week who we gave a Book of Mormon, and afterwards, he stumbled backwards and fainted on us! He then told us that he wasn’t feel too well the last few days… I guess he was very dehydrated and couldn’t stand for all too long. We also met a lady who is good friends of another
family in the next ward over, and she is totally going to study the Book of Mormon. We felt inspired to walk down this street, and we stopped her and
she was ready to hear the message we have. The Lord is preparing people around us.

This ward has great members. We are having members set dates where they will either invite someone to hear the lessons by the missionaries and doing everything they can do to invite them. Its amazing! The members are so willing to do new things, and grow their testimonies.

The Gospel is so real. I think I finally came across something this week that has a lot of meaning to me. How many times does it say “remember” in the scriptures; mainly the Book of Mormon? I feel that if we can do more to remember the Savior in all things, our testimonies can continue to grow, that we can act more as he does, that we can become more like him. We promise as we partake the sacrament to always remember him. Pray that we will! Being able to listen to the spirit to know when it is with you and when it isn’t is a good indicator that maybe we need to revisit our thoughts/actions/purposes. Remember the Savior!

The Gospel is amazing. Thank you for all you are doing! May the Lord continue to bless your lives and your families.