To be One with the Lord

Hi Family and Friends!

What a blessing to be a missionary. Every week gets better and better than the last.

How grateful I am for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Since I started to think about serving a mission, my desires and reasons for serving have changed. Since then, I have come to a further light and understanding of the Atonement in our lives. We cannot begin to imagine how involved this act of the Savior is embedded in our lives. We simply cannot. I still don’t have a perfect knowledge of it, but how grateful I am to share this with

Phil is doing well. We had a lesson with him last week, our bishop is out of town, so we were at his house. We talked about scripture study and the importance of it in our lives. Phil insists he isn’t a reader, however he wants to change that. I have seen this man change a lot within the last few
weeks. His desires too have changed, more particularly wanting to become more like the Savior. He hasn’t quite committed to attend church yet.

We saw CORY this week!! Its been a bit since we were able to catch him. He works at Sams club (if we can’t catch him at home, we catch him there). We had a door lesson and talked about scripture study as well. We asked how his Book of Mormon reading is going. We also watched the video “Like a
Broken Vessel”.

Other than that, out district came up with a Book of Mormon challenge, to hand out a certain number of copies of the Book of Mormon each week for
the next transfer.

Elder Scriver and I spoke is Sacrament yesterday. The topic was Missionary Work, well obviously… It was a really good opportunity. Our Ward Mission Leader spoke about Setting Dates (M. Russel Ballard) to invite someone to hear the lessons by the Missionaries. One of our ward missionaries wife is incredible. She has brought 3 friends to our Gospel Principles class that she just meets all over! Not only is she a new member, who recently just went through the temple, but is a completely difference person even from when I arrived here in this ward.

The Lord answers prayers! Prayer is also a form of work. When we pray, we trust that Heavenly Father will do his part, and he will, but we need to do
everything we can within our power. Thats is all he requires of us.

May the Lord continue to bless each and everyone one of your lives. The Gospel is real. I love it!!