19 Rocks in the woods. Well… 19 weeks in Rockwood!

Hi Family and Friends!

What a wonderful week! Serving in this area has been such a big blessing. I have been here a total of three transfers now, and I will be spending another transfer here as well. Elder Knapp is on the plane and returning home today. I will be getting Elder Scriver tomorrow at our transfer day. He has been a missionary longer than I, and I have already served around him for two transfers back at the beginning of my mission.

Phil is such a stud! We met with him again with our bishop. He came to our weekly gospel principles class, and we read 2 Nephi 2, talking about the
fall of Adam and Eve, and then came to our lesson with a few questions. We also talked again about baptism, he still didn’t quite get the need for it.
However Elder Knapp felt inspired to read Alma 32 with him. When we stared reading it Phil exclaimed “This makes perfect sense!”. He found that joy reading the rest of the entire chapter. Mind you Phil is not a reader. The conversation then lead to him realizing that he wants to start acting out
of love for God, instead of acting to receive some blessing or value from it. He also expressed his desire to become more Christlike, and then made a
comment about read the scriptures more. He sat there and taught himself what he needed to do. We had asked him last week to Pray specifically about the things we were teaching him, we then invited him again, and followed-up, and he told Elder Knapp know that he wouldn’t pray about it
because he already knew it was true! We then invited him to pray about things he didn’t know were true. Phil is looking for truth, and is slowly
making the connections of the gospel that can only come through the Holy Ghost and being prepared/ready to receive that revelation. He is such a
kind and amazing man! The biggest struggle is getting him to church. However I feel that he will find that desire through the promptings of the
spirit. What a blessing.

We reviewed commitments with Dick this week. Nothing to much else there.

We met with Suzie this week as well! She is a new member who is falling away. She is in a hard situation. We read the story of the “bridge keeper”
to her. She loved it. She wants to do the right things, however faced with things in her life it makes it difficult. For me, its easy to talk about things but the decision to do it is the hardest step. Do I believe these things when the trials come that force me to act? Will I act?

We also met a less-active family this week, the Taylors. We felt inspired to stop by them and happened to catch the mom and daughter home in the
garage. We talked about life, got to know them more, and how the mom became a member. They shared their feelings about the ‘dress code’ and other
problems of attending the ward, however as we talked about the sacrament, the mom became very reflective, and told us she misses that. This is the
most contact anybody has had in over 3 years with that family. I foresee wonderful things happening there.

Other than that, the Lord has blessed me with being able to see the a snippet of just the beginning of the fruit of being a missionary. There are such wonderful people here that he has put in my path. The Gospel is REAL. I’ve also learned that words cannot describe fully the experiences. One
must seek after it themselves in their own time to fully realize the joy of the gospel. It only comes through revelation by the Holy Ghost. God Lives!
His light and love is real.

Thank you for who you are and all that you do. Keep moving along. May the Lord continue to bless your lives.