Rock-A-My Soul In The Bosom Of Abraham

Hi Family and Friends,

What a wonderful week to be a missionary. We have been focusing on the Plan of Salvation with lots of our investigators this week. Through my studies I have come to appreciate the learning and spirit I have felt, especially focusing on those we are teaching.
What if the Savior decided to give up on us a week before he died? What about even 3 days, or even the day before? Not only would we not have the
suffering in the garden that allows us to overcome spiritual death, but even that we couldn’t even be resurrected. He had ample opportunities, but
he had a perfect knowledge of all things. He knew exactly what was needed of him and was perfectly obedient to the Father. We needed to have a
Savior, otherwise we would never be accepted back into the presence of God. He is the center of everything. Because of that, we can have an abiding
faith in him, that through him we can change, grow, repent, and be able to become like him. He is the example that was set before us of what we can
become as we follow him.

An understanding of where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going has truly helped me to understand many principles and aspects of the gospel. We taught Phil this week the plan of salvation with our Bishop. He absolutely loved it! As we read, and answered his questions, I could see
things working within him, however he was confused about a few principles of Adam and Eve and such. We talked about Truth, and what it means to
search for Truth, and to pray to God once we come across things we think are true. He however still has come issues with the restoration of the
Gospel, Phil loves meeting with us. However we are still inviting him to church, which he hasn’t accepted quite yet. That will be an issue and helping to read the Book of Mormon.

We also taught Dick a little bit about the Plan of Salvation this week. However, he just has a hard time retaining the things we teach him. We are
revisiting a lot with him, which is okay, but little changes he is making is making a difference in his life. They are acts of faith, and helping him on the path of discipleship.

We had a less-active family out of the blue call us up and want to meet this week! They invited us over for dinner and we had a wonderful dinner talking about how they joined the church, who they are, and had talked about the Savior in our lives. They want to make an effort to make it back to church. We are having lunch with them this week, and hopefully we will start teaching them, and inviting them to build their testimonies.

We also have been doing similar things with another family who needs love and help. 2 weeks ago we invited them to do family scripture studies with
their home teacher, and they were very diligent when we follow-up a week later!! How wonderful! I told them I saw a change in their family.

Oh yeah! I went to the temple this week!!

Other than that, being a missionary is the best thing on the planet!!! The gospel is so real I live it! I love it!

Have a wonderful week,
Hurrah for Israel!!