Through the Woods!

Hi Family and Friends!

This week has been wonderful. I love being a missionary.

We had our bishop come with us to visit Phil this week. We answered his questions about baptism and what exactly it means to take upon yourself the
name of Christ. He then yesterday came to a baptism service for another young man in the nearby ward. He loved it! He told us that he is starting
to see why baptism is so important. Our focus with him will now be more on the plan of salvation.

Dick taught in Gospel principles!! He taught about Temples and family history, two things he knew little to nothing about. It was good, we went over earlier in the week and talked about the chapter in the book, having Brother Miller with us, and he liked it. He still needs to continue to make commitments. He is a really funny guy, and did a wonderful job on Sunday.

Visited a family who husband is not so active, and we had a wonderful spirit filled lesson with them, after the home teacher came over. I played
piano for them, and Wendy their daughter played violin on some of the Hymns, and we had a great time. The spirit was really strong. We talked
about scripture study, and committed them to have family and personal scripture study, and to be diligent at it. At the end of the lesson, they
asked us to come back next week to help them with their scripture studies. It was a wonderful experience and miracles occurred. The power of home
teachers with the missionaries are amazing.

This week we did exchange in the zone leaders area; both Elder Knapp and I went there. We had a blast, and had a lot of success contacting people and finding new people to teach. This week we will be doing similar things within our area with the other companionship’s in the district.

Other than that! The Gospel is Real! I love it so much!

God bless, and have the best week yet.