Summer Adventures

Hi Family and Friends,

This week we have been seeing many miracles continuing to happen. First off, a member had his nephew Charlie in town because he invited him to Youth Conference this week. The youth in the ward attend a summer camp for a few days to build testimonies, trust, friendship every summer. He isn’t a member, actually the son of a less-active member who is the brother of this member in our ward. Anyways, we started teaching him this week. The night before he left for is first youth conference, (he is 15 years old), we taught him the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was strong, and he accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon. He had a wonderful time at youth conference, and will be attending church with his grandmother at home in Utah.

A recent covert in the ward Akuah had her daughter come stay with her for the rest of the summer. Chloe also came last week, and we saw her throughout the week. It happened to work out that she would be able to make it to youth conference as well. She has had not much to do with the church since her mother just became a member just over a year ago. She lives with her father in Indiana. She went to Youth Conference and loved it as well! We started teaching her because she came home telling her mom she wanted to be baptized and become a member. So we are teaching her until she returns home at the end of the summer. We aren’t quite sure how a baptism will work out. During the lesson last night, we taught her about the Savior, his atonement, and how he is our true friend. We testified of his divinity and his life. We stopped, and Chloe asked us how we knew what she needed to hear. She asked us if we knew her past, and we told her no. She was stunned that she heard what she needed to hear. The spirit is real, especially as a missionary for the Lord.

We also saw Phil this week. He is coming along. He is continuing to enjoy our Tuesday night classes as well as our lessons. We are hoping to set a baptismal date with him. He is such a man full of love and willing to follow the Savior.

We also saw Dick this week and we talked about the Godhead. We also were able to make dinner for a family who isn’t able to, and had a wonderful

Anyways! I learned an important lesson on prayer this week. Prayer is true work. Yes, the Lord knows the perfect time to answer prayers, even though
sometimes we feel that we know the right time. However, non the less he does indeed answer prayers.

Thank you for all you do and who you are. May God continue to bless your lives.

The Gospel is True! I live! I love it!