1 Year Tales

Hi Family and Friends,

We had 3 non members to our weekly Study class on Tuesday night! First off, Phil was able to make it. We also had Iriena, who’s son is part of Boy Scouts at our church building, and she was invited several weeks back to join our weekly discussion group, and finally has been back in town.
Pillar, a wonderful Recent Convert in the ward invited someone she met at one of the senior living centers in our area. We talked about the Godhead
or the role God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost all plays in our lives. They loved it, and are committed to coming back next week (Phil even
invited himself back). Phil is keeping his commitments to read, and we have had in-depth discussions on prayer. We continue to help him around his
house as part of our weekly service.

Jazmine is moving from her trailer home into a new house. She has many struggles, however she doesn’t want to meet with us until she moves. Saddening, but I have a hope things will work out.

Other than that, we are being blessed by the Lord to have many great members in our area, and opportunities to serve them. The biggest joy I have is when it comes to serving and teaching others. From the “Lift” mormon message, to paraphrase, healing of the soul comes through serving others. It’s a interesting concept of how and why when we show outward love toward others, we then in turn receive it back, in some sense or another, if not more? What a blessing it is to be a dedicated servant to minister to the needs of others. I am grateful for dedicated members in wards and stakes who do the same thing and make greater sacrifices than I do.

I have been a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a year this upcoming week. What a joy this journey has been!
I know more now of Heavenly Fathers endless love for his children. I know of the love he has for the sheep of his fold. Even though I am not perfect and I still am not filled with “perfect love”, but I know that through “keeping the commandments, we can prosper” as it says in the Book of Mormon over and over. Faith isn’t something we build up overnight, but over a lifetime of righteous actions and choices. As we continue to *strive *to
make those righteous actions, our character is changed. We become something we didn’t know we could become. I know that God certainly has patience for his children (especially for me), and I am grateful for that.

Make it the best week yet. God Lives! The Gospel is true.