Happy 4th of July!! From Rockwood

Hi Family and Friends,

I will be staying here in Rockwood 1st ward for another transfer here with Elder Knapp! The work is coming forth, and we are seeing progression within our investigators and within ourselves. We are emailing on a Tuesday because the library was closed yesterday.

We started off the week seeing Jazmine, who is still looking for a job. We got ideas from several members in the ward of places to try. She got a second interview at a GYM sales position, still waiting on them to hire her. She is on the verge of almost loosing everything, her car, home, family. It’s hard to see others struggling with such great burdens like she is, however I also know she isn’t the only one. She still has faith that she can make it though, even though she says some days she wants to give up. We are continuing to love her and help her in ways we can.

Later in the week we saw Phill, he is actually coming tonight to our Gospel Principles class we hold every week with the new members and investigators at the church. Tonight’s topic is the Godhead and their roles in our lives. We taught Phill last week about baptism in 2 Nephi 31, he has a hard time wrapping his head around it, however he also asked a question about prayer and our relationship with God and the spirit was so strong testifying of the power of prayer with him. He has changed his perspective about who God is.

I am grateful to know who God is, especially to know that we are his children. He loves his children, I see that everyday, and I feel that for others, especially in his work. Missionaries can see other people through Gods eyes, and what they can become. What a blessing!!

We spent the 4th of July at Dick’s house, at a family BBQ! It was great. I got to BBQ burgers, hot dogs, etc… In the rain! Its been raining this weekend, but it was perfect for the evening to watch a little bit of fireworks with other members at the mall in our area.

How blessed are we to live in a Country where we can have religious freedom. 2 Nephi 2, and the war chapters in the Book of Mormon, I love how they defended their liberty and freedoms, because it was something so paramount to their lives.

Have a great week!!! I love the Gospel, and I love it!!