What do you call Batman when he leaves church early? Christian Bale…

Hi Family and Friends!

What a great busy week this week. We started off the week with visiting Dick our long time investigators. Recently he has been talking about the things he needs to do to become a member and get baptized. The only thing holding him back is keeping some key commandments. We have been spending  he last 5 weeks reading the Book of Mormon (he needs to also do more of this) and has been enjoying it, mostly. Its slow however huge progress for him.

Jazmine is still looking for a job. We promised her this week if she starts to read the Book of Mormon she will find a job. Everything has just been going wrong for her, her AC broke this week, and she lost her internet, and it goes on and on. (this week has had heat indexes in the 110’s).

We went to go help Phill this week in his yard, and he opened up the door with his Book of Mormon in his hand and wanted us to sit down and answer
some questions before we worked for him. Phill believes that he just needs to act out of love in this life, however we know that the ordinances are
also a huge part as well. He is a really nice and loving guy. We are trying to show him that same love by going out of our way to help him around the
house he is struggling to keep up. He has been coming a long way in the last few weeks and have seen a change in his countenance.

Dave is still starting the Book of Mormon! Its sort of different because he doesn’t want to necessarily sit down and let us teach him, but willing to read the Book of Mormon. We showed him the Gospel Library and some other study guides on there to help him out. We invited him to take a look at other things on there as well. He is getting married in August – how exciting. Their AC also went out this week…

We are alive and well! Haha. This week we will have storms combined with high heat. Yess.

I have truly seen God working in my life. For a few weeks I started to feel that I wasn’t receiving answers to my prayers, but little did I know, that I was becoming blind to them. I’ve been learning that many things in life are all about perspective and what we choose to do based upon what we receive. I’ve started to pray more to see those blessings in my life, and I forgot many of the simple big blessings right in front of me. God is real, he loves us.

Have the best week yet! God lives! The gospel is real! I love it