What even is Wildwood?

Hi Family and Friends!

First, I cannot believe it’s almost June… Wait…. It’s almost halfway through June. Happy Summer!!! We are feeling it here in St. Louis…
This week has been like no other. It has been a very trying week, however the Lord is blessing us a lot! Jazmine quit her job this week. She moved to America from Jordan and works for a ministry – she quit. She is on the lookout for a job and we are trying as many ways as possible. She has such a trust in God! What faith she has! It’s not easy for her.

We had dinner with Phill at a members house this week – A good friend of his. It went great! We talked about why we need Christ in our lives, and showed him the Because of Him video, and he really enjoyed it. We met Dave last week, and followed up this week to find out he’s read half
of 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon. He expressed concerns about understanding it and asked about a study guide, so we will bring one by this week. He just moved in, and is getting married in a few months with his Fiance.

The members here in the ward are really trying to help us out. We are seeing little changes with the members and their desires to reach out to their friends. I have a testimony of that. I really didn’t see the gospel change in my life until I had a friend join the church, then I realized the power in my life as well. I know the gospel can bless anybody’s life – there are no exceptions, it covers all. Continue being a light, and invite. I love the members here because they are willing to try new things and step out of their comfort zone.

We had our Last Zone Conference this week with President and Sister Morgan. They are leaving here at the end of the month. It was fantastic and spiritually uplifting. Some highlights: the theme was about Eternal Life. I define Eternal Life as wanting to be in the presence of God and Jesus
Christ because we have become like them and want to dwell in their presence. This puts the work on our part to strive to become like them – that is the ultimate purpose of why we are here on this earth. When you cannot do what you have done, you do what matters most. What matters most in our lives? (President Morgan talked about this from Robert D. Hales Conference talk). The biggest highlight was the closing musical number where we sand Hark, all ye nations. The gospel is real. Remember who you are. Your Heavenly Father only see’s what you can become.

Take care, thank you for all your prayers. God bless,