This will put to shame. Wildwood?

Hi Family and Friends!!

Hello from Wildwood Missouri! (Well in the Rockwood ward, but we turned wild this last week, not really… Ha… ha.). We live in Wildwood. Who knew there would be so many types of wood in the world? That’s the end of my dry humor. I promise.

We have seen such growth in the people we are teaching this last week! Its been very exciting!

We visited Jazmine on Saturday, she is going through many trials right now, and even expressed how she wants to give up. Please don’t do that. We talked out trials and how the Book of Mormon got me through a lot of things in my life. She wants to draw closer to God, but needs to figure out
some things in her life to allow. She came to our Ward BBQ on Monday for Memorial day! She even brought a friend. We have been inviting her to church for a few weeks now, but I believe it was a social thing that kept her back. Her and Juan loved the BBQ and felt very welcomed by the Ward.
She is coming to our Gospel Principles class tonight!

Phill is slowly coming along. We help him every week in his yard, and is just a great man to be with. Very knowledgeable about life. We had a good
discussion with him about our purpose and what he wants from us. He is willing to continue to meet with us to learn more about the Savior.

Dick also came to the BBQ on Monday with his girlfriend Evalin. They loved it and the ward knows Dick and gave him a really hard time. We saw him
today, and he actually initiated our Book of Mormon study- he is reading right from the front – simply. .

Elder Knapp is a great companion. He is going home in 10 weeks, but is so willing to continue to do and try new things as a missionary. I love it.

Great news!! Tomorrow we will be getting a MINI-MISSIONARY who will be with us till Saturday. For those who don’t know, young men and women who are getting ready to go on a mission can go with the actual full-time missionaries for half a week and learn more about what they will do in the
future. This is the first time, and I am looking forward to it.

I love being a missionary. For those who are entering the time to even think about a mission, just know of the love the Lord has for you. It will not be easy, you will have fears and doubts. But you are entering into his service, his work; he will provide for you – if you let him. It takes great leaps of faith to enter the mission field, it wasn’t easy for me, but this is one of the best decisions I have made. If and when you are truly ready, the Lord is eager for your help in his work. Just know one will never be truly ready, that is where faith comes in. The gospel is so real! I understand that some days it might not be as real as other days, but non the less, never forget your spiritual identity as a Son or Daughter of God. I am not perfect at remembering this. But I have experienced this truth: You have the power to reach the high heavens to receive blessings and help. The World wants you to forget who you truly are and what you can become; to be caught up with the past and with previous mistakes and to never be able to overcome those. Make the change today to become a better son or daughter of God and move forward with hope. Thats all he asks and he will help us.

The Gospel is amazing! I live it! I love it!

Have the best week yet! Thank you for all you do for me and those around you.