Live From The Field

Hi Family and Friends,

This week has been great! The highlight of this week is how powerful the Book of Mormon is. We have many new members in our ward here in Rockwood, and most of them are struggling reading the book of Mormon, and so we are starting to go over once a week and read the *B*ook of Mormon with them. Pat Smith, she join about 4 years ago, but hasn’t read the Book of Mormon in a while, she was so excited to learn the things that testify of Christ. This week we went over again, and she had been working really hard to read, to help her get through some difficult things she is going through in her life, and she has noticeable changed a lot. After that experience, I realized that I was too lacking on my Book of Mormon reading, and repented, and have continued to be more diligent in my studies.

Dick went to Carthage Jail on Thursday. Dick is very..about him. This was helping step out of his comfort zone, and focus on things a little more spiritual. He has been meeting on and off with missionaries for over 5 years now. He is making progress, however very slow, which is alright. He
know knows that Joseph Smith was real. Now praying to find out if he was a prophet. He learned about the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith and everything surrounding it. Really great that he went! We are excited to see what will happen. We are going to start reading the Book of Mormon very simply with him.

We had dinner with the Denny’s family on Wednesday. We have been working really hard the last two weeks to call 2 days ahead, and invite families
who are feeding us to invite a friend over for dinner, so that we could get to meet them. Nobody’s done that, but the Denny’s have! His name is Richard, 21 years old and works with Brother Denny. We had a great first discussion, and Elder Livingston and I shared our testimonies about how our lives have been changed because of the gospel. He said that he was really touched. The only reason why the Denny’s invited a friend (as he told us)
is because we did the dishes for them last month after dinner. It was a lot of dishes, but gaining the trust of members will help you to find the best
investigators to teach. Elder Livingston and I’s objective this transfer, and next, is to work with the members.

We taught our Tuesday night open discussion on temples, teaching it last minute since one of the members went to the hospital. It was great because
they learned lots of new things to prepare themselves to visit the temple.

Other that that, we’ve spent lots of time trying to find people to teach. Its been great! The weather has been stormy, but nothing too bad.

I love the Gospel! I love the Book of Mormon!

Have a great week, and take care.