Can wood even be in rock form? Actually, yes

Hi Family and Friends,

This week has been great! The weather is warming up here in St Louis, however still manageable. We’ve been spending lots of time walking this last week, its been nice to talk to a lot people.

Investigators are slow but surly progressing. We met with Phil this week, after keeping him in the yard cutting up some wood and branches, we had a lesson about faith. He is someone missionaries have been meeting with him for a while, however doesn’t really want to change. Again, he really doesn’t understand much, not even the bible, so the topic of faith was great for him. He agreed that we could teach him, as long as he would teach us life skills he has learned. Really nice guy.

Dick came to church yesterday, even after a very upfront and direct lesson last week. He is making slow progress however progress!

We talked a lot the Book of Mormon with Cory this week. HE FOUND A JOB!!! He has been looking for a long time, and finally got a job at Sams Club working cashiering and in the electronics. He is such a stud. Its hard, he forgets things we teach him, so we are working slowly, and reviewing lots, to help him learn. We are working with him to read the Book of Mormon, since he really doesn’t understand it that much. Its been exciting to sit and read with him, and he finds things that apply in his life. We have been testifying of the Book of Mormon so much this week.

Suzie is another recent convert, she has a son Adrian. They live just right down the road from us. They are amazing!! They don’t know they are, and because of that, look up to the longer members of the church like on a podium. We taught her with out Ward Mission leader, and it went well. I talked about how imperfect I am, how I’ve made mistakes, and that it is all okay. Through repentance, we can and will be forgiven; even after the feelings of guilt and shame are relieved and lifted, we still have memory of it. Have faith that the atonement is real and it applies to you.

I love the gospel so much! We have been learning so much about conversion these last few weeks. I remember the talk from Conference last year, that an apostle asked how many people wanted to return to Gods presence into the Celestial kingdom- all raise their hands. He then asked, how many had confidence that they live the kind of life worthy of that. Not many hands stayed up. Conversion is a *quiet *miracle. It happens over a lifetime. It doesn’t come through miraculous visions or visitations, but living the Gospel worthy and loving the Savior. Part of having faith is that the path you are on, is pleasing to God, that you are doing the right he wants. If we do, and diligently live them, be worthy of the Spirit and allow the atonement to work in our life, we can become converted. I know God does indeed love us. No doubt in my mind. I know that the Gospel has been
restored to the Earth in its fullness. God knows best how to help us grow, so he provided the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a joy and blessing!

​I love you all. Thank you for all you do for me. I pray for you.

I live the Gospel! I love it! God bless,​