Is there such thing as Rock-wood?

Hi Family and Friends!

Hello from St. Louis! Elder Griffin is now in a new area, called Rockwood. It is west of Downtown, about 35 min away from the Arch. I had a warm welcome from the ward here this last week. It’s great to finally be back to doing full-time proselyting, however I have more responsibilities over a group of missionaries in my district now.

This week I have never talked to so many people in my life. Elder Livingston is fantastic at talking to everyone! Its amazing. There are many stubborn people here who don’t want to listen to us, however also the opposite. The ward is really strong, and many great members take good care of each other.

Just some highlights from this week:
Bobbie is a nice lady that the other Elders before me found. She got out of jail a few years ago, and since then has secluded herself from the world. She doesn’t trust anybody. She doesn’t want to talk to anybody. The day those Elders knocked on her door, she was dumbfounded because she, 5 min earlier just prayed to anything for help, and 2 missionaries knocked on her door. We taught her on Friday and helped her understand the Love God has for her, helped her to understand faith more in her life, and it was all
great! She really taught herself, and she told us that she felt better after talking to us. It’s a testimony to me that the Gospel is real- that it can influence any person, no matter what they’ve gone through or where they are in life. She is at one of the lowest parts in her life.

Cory is a recent convert of almost a year. He is a really funny guy. The first time he met missionaries, one of the Elders almost ran him over with his bike… And then gave him a card. It’s so simple how when people are prepared, it’s just a matter of talking to everyone to find them. Cory is a stud. We showed him this week, and he is so excited to find out where his family has come from. We are also trying to put the temple on his mind.

Pillar is another recent convert, and wife of a very good and faithful member. They are a great family, he is a ward mission leader, and is very involved with going with us. Pillar is from Peru and she is so nice!

The work is great! The Gospel is Real! I live it! I love it!

Make it a great week!