Turn your hearts to the temple. Do one more!

Hi Family and Friends!

This week has been like no other. We are wrapping up another transfer, which requires much of the office elders. I could bore you for days about it, but we are being kept very busy.

I will be transferring out of the office this week to go to an area close by called Rockwood 1st ward, just west of St. Louis. This will be a huge change going from Downtown St. Louis, right in the heart, to country side. My new companion’s name is Elder Livingston. He is deaf. He can read lips really well, and is such a stud missionary. I am really excited to be able to serve with him. He entered the mission field with me, however we met in the MTC, but didn’t know much of each other. We both are going to be District Leaders over 2 other companionship.

Elder Spackman is staying as an office elder, however moving wards with his new companion Elder Peck to the St Louis Young Single Adults branch. They are very excited, and have their work cut out for them.

JIMMY CAME TO THE TEMPLE!!! The mission started doing Temple Ground Tours this last week, a monthly tour lead by Sister Missionaries of the St. Louis Temple. So exciting, we invited Jimmy and he absolutely LOVED it. I’ve never been so excited to have someone come to the temple. He is such a stud. A member in the ward as an ordinance worker called the temple president and he spoke to Jimmy for a few min inside the temple lobby. It was a wonderful tour, our mission had over 45 investigators/recent-converts/returning members attend with a total of over 115 people. This is something so inspired, and will greatly make strides in conversion of investigators/recent-converts. Helping them keep their eyes on the temple.

It has been such a blessing to be able to work closely with President and Sister Morgan, as well as the Assistants. They are such amazing people, and I have learned so much about being a missionary, a priesthood holder, and son of God.

The Gospel is real! I live it! I love it!!!

God bless, Have a great week!