General Conference!

Hi Family and Friends!!

This week has been really good. We’ve been spending a lot of time helping other missionaries this week and attending General Conference.

Nothing too exciting, expect I think Elder Spackman and I should be called “two elders and a truck”… There is a moving company here in St. Louis called “two men and a truck”….. Enough said. We’ve moved member families this week and two companionship of missionaries. Plus picked up new
appliances for the mission home and said goodbye to Sister Anderson, a senior missionary, welcomed a new senior missionary: Sister Gore.

Andre is a referral we received this week from other elders. He has met with missionaries in the past and ran the other elders down to talk to him.
We met with him earlier this week, and he loves studying about the bible. He is a really nice guy, very friendly, and looking for answers to his prayers. We invited him to a session of General Conference, but he didn’t end up coming.

I am coming up on my last week here in Lindell. We are on a 7 week transfer right now, and will shortly be into a new transfer and new area. We will
find out this upcoming Saturday.

General Conference Insights: Elder Oaks talks on Opposition was one of my favorites:

Central to the gospel of Jesus Christ is the Father’s plan of salvation for the eternal progress of His children. That plan, explained in modern revelation, helps us understand many things we face in mortality. Through all mortal opposition, we have God’s assurance that He will “consecrate [our] afflictions for [our] gain” (2 Nephi 2:2). We have also been taught to understand our mortal experiences and His commandments in the context of His great plan of salvation, which tells us the purpose of life and gives us the assurance of a Savior.

Opposition in all things was part of the divine plan. When we came to this earth, we knew it would be difficult, it would be hard, it would test us in every way. Rooted deep within our spirits in the light of Christ, to know right from wrong. That is a gift given to every man and women to walk the Earth. As opposition comes, what is our first response? How do we our natural selves react to opposition? Do we shrink down and turn away from everything? Turn away from God? Forget our eternal identity? Or do we turn toward God? To humble ourselves to know where opposition comes from which is him, and seek the knowledge from him how to overcome that opposition. “This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God” (Alma 32).
Each struggle we have, each challenge, and trial are for our good, to help us grow and learn. We can learn through solving problems that come to us.
God will help us to be able to get through our struggles.

Thank you for all the prayers.

​Have a great week! I live the Gospel! I love it!