Happy Easter! #Hallelujah! Spring will come

Hi Family and Friends!!

Happy Easter! What a wonderful time of year to celebrate new life through Jesus Christ. I hope you all had a chance to check out the #Hallelujah video. Spring will come.

This week has been great! However, getting over a sinus infection isn’t fun. Because of that we lost some good proselyting time and a few other things came up this week. We were only able to find one new investigator. Alfonzo lives in North St Louis with his Daughter. He is a man who really gets scripture reading. He actually understands them, has a strong desire to read them, and lives them (Just need to help him read the Book of Mormon). He was in jail for a few years, and came really close to God at one of the lowest moments of his life. He lives with his daughter who doesn’t have a belief in God. She committed to read the Book of Mormon though! We will be following up with them this week. All of our other investigators haven’t keep their appointments. Defiantly learning a lesson of Patience.

Jimmy is doing better! He was finally able to make it to church yesterday, and we enjoyed a wonderful Easter program. Even got to play the Organ on
the spot for the closing number. Jimmy is struggling with things just going wrong in his life. We talked about trials and how they are really tests of faith, and to not give up on the things we know, or abandon God.

As General Conference approaches this weekend, how blessed are we to have a living prophet on the Earth who receives revelation from God just like in Ancient times.

Thank you for all the prayers,

Make it a great week!!

I love the Gospel, I live it! I love it!

P.S. Do you like the Handels’ messiah!!!??? The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed it this last weekend.