Rain, Rain, go away… #weatherprobsinSTL

Hi Family and Friends!!

Hello from St. Louis! This week has been great!
Started off this week with attending 2 more zone conferences. What an uplifting experience. We got to inspect all the cars in the mission as well at each of these zone conferences. I think I touched last week on what was talked about in Zone conference. We are super excited to be talking more with everyone around us. Finding people to teach was something our mission is struggling with. This goes right into this: #Hallelujah!!! If you haven’t seen this video, Watch it! followhim.mormon.org

Excerpt from the video:

​He was despised and rejected of men. A man of sorrows acquainted with grief. He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our sins. Behold the Lam of God Who taketh away the sin of the world. And if I let him, if I love him, if I follow him he can take away my sin, my sorrows, my pain, Forgive my past. As in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive. My Father, my mother, my sister, my grandparents, my family – They all shall be made alive in Christ. I found new life. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. King of Kin​gs​, Lord of Lords, Friend of Friends. And he shall reign forever. And he shall reign forever and ever. Hallelujah. Jesus Christ died for us, and lived again. Follow him and find new life. Discover how.​

​What a blessing it has been this week to be more diligent with talking to everyone.​ MIRACLES HAPPEN! Sunday night miracles #2! We have a goal of finding two new a week. We found Arnetta earlier this week. She is Catholic, and is going through a lot right now. Her husband passed away almost a year ago. She was sick in the hospital for over a week, and she is looking for more in her life. Sunday night, we still needed one more. We felt to go visit our other investigator – who has been dropping appointment for 3 weeks now, and this lady was walking with her walker on the sidewalk. We come up behind her, *don’t ever do that, we scared her…* and started talking with her. She told us that she is mad with God. She has been feeling that for about 2 years. She is like “I use to meet with you!”, What?! It was a long time ago, but she still remembers the Book of Mormon! We gave her another copy
and walked further and met her Daughter who is also going through a lot and asking similar questions about God. At their time of need, we come and help them! We have a return appointment later this week! Miracles happen!! God is love! God is real! I know that the work we do as missionaries is divine, and it is the Lord work.

Jimmy has been sick with the FLU this week.. Poor guy. We met with Liahona this week – she is also in the hospital. They are monitoring her because of some issues she is having. What a cool name!! She is a less-active and she is struggling in a lot of ways. I first met her in Belleville, her father being the Ward Mission Leader, and she’s attended church several times there. We’ve helped her move into Downtown. What a wonderful week it has been to testify of the Savior. He does live. Had a thought about him with Liahona, and that is what exactly she needed. We committed her to continue to meet with us and she said yes!

I love being a missionary! Every week just gets better and better! The Gospel is real! It changes lives! If you let it, if you share it. I live it! I love it!

Take care, I pray for you.