St. Louis adventures

Hi Family and Friends!

A slower week here in St. Louis, Missouri. However, things are going well!

Valorie is still progressing. We saw her last Monday. We didn’t lose her! We stopped by thinking that she doesn’t want to meet with us any more. She
told us that she had a really hard weekend. Her husband doesn’t know quite who we are, and we answered some of her concerns that she had. It was good. Jerv-e and Jervon’s 18th Birthday was on Friday. We decided to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and ding-dong ditch them at their house. It was fun!

We had a lesson with Jimmy this week! We talked about Temples and getting his vision on the temple. He told us that him and Tina agreed to get some pictures of the temple and put them all over their house. She’s not even a member. How exciting! Jimmy really wants to be sealed in the temple, but first, getting down the path to do Baptisms. He is working a few things out right now. But he is a stud! He doesn’t know, but he has a really strong
character and determination.

We are initiating a ward missionary effort. We have been working closely with our Ward Mission leader and have started teaching member’s the missionary lessons, and committing them to do their own missionary work. Our goal and purpose is to help members build their confidence sharing the gospel with their neighbors and friends. We as missionaries cannot do missionary work by ourselves. When we teach investigators that are friends
of members, magic happens. We are excited to get the members on board, and I hope and pray that when I leave this ward, that the whole perspective of the ward changes. I wish I was a better member missionary before I came out. I’ve learned so much since being on my mission, and one of the biggest things the Lord has blessed me with is expanding my view beyond my own prideful perception and vision. The gospel is so real and it changes.

I am blessed this week to have the opportunity to go to the St. Louis Temple on Wednesday!!!! I am so excited!

Sorry, a bit smaller email this week. And not really any pictures…

This week is full of adventures, many more to come. The Gospel is True! I live it! I love it!!!

Thank you for all the prayers. Make it a good week.