New Adventures Await!

Hi Friends and Family!

Transfer news! I got transferred out of Belleville. I will greatly miss that area. It’s always hard leaving your first area – I have lots of experiences and memories there that I will cherish forever. I am now right in Downtown St. Louis… In the mission office! I am currently emailing from the Mission office! For those who don’t know what this entails, I have a regular proselyting area, just like all the other missionaries, but now have office responsibilities where I work closely with President Morgan, the Mission President. My companion’s name is Elder Hamilton. I’ve already transferred into the Office area today, and spent the morning sending missionaries off at the airport. Tomorrow we will get new missionaries in the afternoon, greet them, and spend time with them, where they will be transferred in on Wednesday. Lots of learning is ahead for me.

From my last week in Belleville (Elder Roundy is staying in Belleville).Elder Roundy and I spent all day Wednesday with our Bishop, Bishop Cuele, from 7:30am through our studies to 9:00 that night. It was really fun, being able to see lots of less-actives and investigators. Thursday, we did service at the senior center, for the last time, and had a great lesson with Wayne. Joyce and Wayne are amazing people. They really care about the missionaries and know the gospel, but they have a hard time applying it in their lives. We finally had a do-or-die lesson with Skylar, a 22 year old young man who was in the Air Force, but dropped out only after a little bit. We took a member with us, and he really connected with Skylar well. Skylar grew up with religion being forced upon him, and he doesn’t like it, but is willing to listen to us. He felt that Religion doesn’t help him overcome challenges. We testified of how Christ can help anybody overcome challenges and helped him feel that he needed Christ in his life. And he committed to pray in front of us, a real prayer for him in a long time. I know the Gospel changes lives. I see it everyday – no person is exempt.

Elder Rasband and Martino came to the Mission on Saturday!​
​What a wonderful experience. (We got to shake their hands!!) President Monson told Elder Rasband to express his love to the St. Louis Mission on Thursday, and we heard it on Saturday. It’s incredible to know that Missionary work is led by the Lord through a modern-day prophet. Elder Rasband is doing a Face-to-face youth event on January 20th! Watch it. It was cool to think of the correlation that I am a newer missionary listening to a new apostle, who has only been serving for 3 months. This is Elder Rasband’s first mission tour in the US since he was first called. He focused his talk on our divine calling as missionaries and the fact that the Lord calls us missionaries to specific places for specific reasons. I think the most memorable thing he expressed was a question he has pondered for a long time in his life is “Does the testimony of Jesus Christ still burn in your bosom as you did when you were a young missionary?” Does our testimony burn within our hearts. Where is your testimony? He also expounded on his talk he gave in Conference a few years ago in 2010 about how a missionary is chosen to his/her specific mission. I also learned that through divine inspiration, missionaries are also directed to missions not because of the location, but of the mission president.

Have a wonderful week! I hear there is a dismay of weather in the Pacific Northwest. We too also got our first snowfall this last week, and got very cold into the 10’s of degrees. Stay warm!

I love the Gospel! I live it! I love it!

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