Merry Christmas! #2016 #almosthere

Dear Friends and Fam!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I did! Its sort of sad its gone now, but non the less, we still celebrate Christ everyday of our lives – as we try to become more like him.

Things are going well! We picked up a bible referral on Saturday and she came to church! That never happens! Her name is Melva. She doesn’t like too far away from us. She is in her 50’s, and asked us some very good questions about the gospel. She lives by her self in an upstairs apartment of a house. She loved church yesterday very much, and is planning on coming back next week. Elder Roundy was sick yesterday, so we didn’t end up making it to church like we wanted, but he is doing much better today. What a blessing!

James is having to move out of his place at the end of this week. We are still talking about a baptismal date with him. He is still a month or two out from being able to be baptized because of his smoking problem. He loves coming to church, and loves learning about the gospel. He knows his bible well, and loves learning more.

On Christmas eve, we spent’ the evening at the Tiltons making some Holiday goodies. We then delivered them to some members of the ward. Jake Earl is being deployed for 2 months, so Christmas eve was the last time I will see him, probably because in January I will be transferred out of Belleville. (See picture below). Joyce (Less-active) and Wyane invited us to a family
Christmas party in Mascoutah. It was so cool to see how many people of this family recognized us as missionaries. Joyce and Wayne dressed up as Santa and Elf for this Christmas party. Lots of fun!

Happy New Year! 2016 is right around the corner. Please have a safe and wonderful week this week! Sorry I don’t have much time to email today. Normal library is closed and only have 30 min today.

Love of love,
I live it! I love it!