The Gospel Changes Lives

Hi Friends and Fam!

Merry Christmas! Another fantastic week here in Belleville. Just some info. I will be here in Belleville through January 10th, so I will be here for Christmas. The ward is taking fantastic care of us, many great members are very watchful for the missionaries.

Jermaine, Mimi, and Shakira received some early Christmas Presents from the ward. Bunk-buds, dressers, and clothes in the last two weeks. We came over on Tuesday, to see the living room was full of boxes of furniture. So we spent most of the afternoon helping them put their beds, dressers, and arranging things so they will all fit. I have never seen Jermaine, Mimi, and Shakira smile so much as they laid their heads on their new beds. They have really never had an actual bed in their lives. They grew up in a terrible home where they had little to no food, no parents whatsoever and
living on their own. When we came over on Saturday for a lesson, something had changed int heir complexion- they way they held themselves and how much happier they looked. There was a noticeable difference in their lives – I think they actually felt that people cared about them. I pains me so much to see people going through their lives on their own – with no help, no hope, no perspective of a loving Heavenly Father. I can barely go through life, how can people go through life without even a knowledge that they can reach out to God for help. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives – in indescribable ways. As we learn to become more and more like the Savior, when we finally stand in front of him, for to us for the first time after this mortal experience, we will know exactly who he is because as we live the gospel and serve others, we become just like him. That is what he beacons, and we can find joy by becoming more like him.

Tashema and Lileishia are on track to stop smoking this week. We stopped by this morning, and they are really excited. We still have to pick a few things up to help them at the store, which we will be bringing by later tonight. The Atonement of Jesus Christ covers Everything… Everything. There is a way back. Report next week on if they stayed committed; I believe they will succeed. We have many great ward members reaching out to them.

This week has been full of service – James Hunter came to help our ward mission leader move his daughter this week, awesome to get him involved in the ward. Still trying to set a baptism date with him. He is so ready – he doesn’t know it, but he is.

Lili Morton is a less-active. We had a wonderful restoration lesson with her, and she came to church this Sunday!

We have zone conference coming up tomorrow! We will be going over to St. Louis to have a conference. I know this would happen in the Christmas season – I will be playing piano for it as well. A special musical number, as well as accompanying a group of sister missionaries on a piece. This last week we had our Ward Christmas party and got several calls the day of to have me accompany some people for that. Don’t know what the topic is for zone conference, but we will be doing a white elephant and some Christmas stuff!

Please take a minute and check out the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional. We watched it last night, and it was amazing. For anybody who needs a good uplifting video, this will do it. #ASaviorIsBorn

Merry Christmas! Love of love sending to your way from Illinois!

The Gospel is True. I Live it. I love it!