Best Week Yet!

Hi Friends and Fam!

Happy Thanksgiving!

​Had another good week here in Belleville. Currently our mission has a 375 baptism goal, and we have been challenged to invite our entire teaching pool to set a baptism date before the end of the year by the end of this week. We are really excited because​ we are only 75 baptisms away from our
goal. Many amazing miracles happened this week.

Rinoa is getting Baptized this Saturday!!! She is so excited! We had our last lesson with her last week, just watched the Finding Faith in Christ video, and have her interview this week.

Skylar met with us this last week. Elder Roundy went on splits on Saturday with a member from our ward and saw him. They had a good talk about the Priesthood. We had invited him to church 2 weeks before that, and made sure he was going to keep up on our commitment. He did! He came to church yesterday. We are really sad because Skylar didn’t feel engaged at all so he left after the 2 hour…. He has has some really hard experience with
spiritual things while he was growing up. Its sad to see people come so close and then just leave. However, this wasn’t the end of our awesome day of having investigators to church.

Tashema, a less-active came to church finally! We have been inviting her for 6 weeks now! She finally came! We had a really good lesson this week with her about the atonement and repentance, and invited her to church, and helped her get over some things, and she finally came. I guess her kids
were being a problem in the past. She hopes that her example to come will help her kid to eventually come, because she wants that for her kids. Even better, she brought Lileishia her friend with her! We have known Lileishia, Yes that how its spelt, for 7 weeks now, and she has completely avoided us that last 2 weeks. She is living in a horrible environment, and Tashema talked with her, and now she’s moved in with Tashema for the time being. She really needs to get away from where she was living before. We stopped by that place ever other day the last two weeks, just to get lied to that she had moved. Elder Roundy and I were really sad and depressed because every time we’ve met her, its been so inspired! Why has she just stopped meeting with us? Me and Elder Roundy were getting our other investigates settled in at church to turn around and see Tashema with Lileishia walking in! We weren’t expecting to see her at all! What a miracle! She then proceed to apologize for avoiding us the last two weeks! Sorry my words aren’t as eloquent as I can tell it, but me and Elder Roundy were really excited to see her!

James has been actively attending church with us as well. Working on his smoking problem, sort of on hold this week because he doesn’t have a phone
right now, sort of hard to get hold of a person everyday if they don’t have a phone. It will be back on on the first of December.

We are going to Thanksgiving at a members home on Scott Air Force Base: the Blackhams. We were supposed to goto the Earl family, who are inviting over several families from the ward, but learned that Tashema and her 3 kids and Lileishia don’t have anywhere to go. So the Blackhams are inviting them over as well as us! We are really excited for Thursday since we get to have Thanksgiving with 3 investigators and a less-active! We already had our Thanksgiving dinner lunch at the Senior center this last week. We helped make food to feed over 130 people, not to mention I got to play the piano! If you take a look on Mascoutah Senior Center’s facebook page, there is a picture of me and Elder Roundy on there!

Getting people to church has been the hardest thing so far on my mission, yesterday we got 4 investigators to church and 2 less-actives to church! But the work is nowhere near done. Not until all 75,000 people in our area are active members!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! There are so many things to be grateful for, #1 is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and each of
our Families.

I live it! I love it! Take care and lots of love,