Rain Rain Rain…

Hi Friends and Fam!
Just another week here in Belleville. I’ve currently been our for 4 months now. I can’t even begin to believe how short that has felt. This week has been the best by far. Each week is just getting better and better.

Rinoa is getting baptized on the 28th! She is coming right along. We had a lesson with her last night, and she is so ready. We have another lesson with her this week, and then the interview next week. She remembers things really well, its hard because she can get distracted easily, but its been fun using the primary books to create activities to help her learn. Her family is a less-active family coming back into activity. They are striving to get sealed in the temple soon. That is way exciting for their family! Families can be together after this life, for-forever! I know my family will be.

James is an investigator who just moved back to Belleville a few weeks ago from Idaho. He has been meeting with the missionaries for 8 months now, and we met him for the first time this last week (at McDonalds) and he came to church yesterday. Brother Gross our Ward mission leader came with us. He is amazing! He participated in Gospel Doctrine and Elders Quorum, not just with one comment, but upward of three to four. It impressed me and Elder Roundy. What a great guy. He grew up here, and look that he has had a tougher life. He has a smoking problem, that is something that has been keeping him from getting baptized. I really like him, and I think that great things will come in the future.

We haven’t seen or heard from Lileishia this week. She’s appeared to drop off the face of the earth…. Sad day. Never give up.

​Skylar is a 22 year old young man who we are meeting with as well. We had a lesson with him this last week after our service day in Mascoutah on Thursday.​ Its hard because he doesn’t take our lessons and time as something really valued and wants to hang out with us. He lives at his grandparents ‘s house who are Catholic, but they invite us in like we are part of their family. The cool part though is that we get on discussions of gospel topics, and he tells us his views, and when we share what we know to be true, he ends up agreeing with it. We have invited him to come to Church this next week and told his grandma, and pray that he will come and see. We have our Thanksgiving Dinner this week on Thursday that we are making and serving at the Senior Center for lunch!

Jermaine was ordained yesterday! He didn’t make it to church last week. Wow, Jermaine, Mimi and Shakira cease to make me laugh at every possible moment. We are trying to work on getting Sister Wilson, their Grandma to church. She needs to come so that she too can go to the temple.

Sister Schneider is recovering well. The Schneider’s own our house – they live across the street from us and they take care us. She went into the hospital a week ago or so for water around her heart. She is doing much better now, recovering well at home.

Everything is going well here! We are visiting the St. Louis Science Museum today. Pictures to come next week. I am also going to work on some pictures of some families that we associate with a lot that way you can put names to faces.

​Thought: Please take a minute to watch this video about Christmas! Its is one that we share during the month of December. The church is actually coming out with a new Christmas video soon. We won’t know what it is till the end of the month. But the one from last year talks about who the first gift was, it was Jesus Christ!
www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-00-1460-he-is-the-gift?lang=eng​ [www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-00-1460-he-is-the-gift?lang=eng​]

Thanks for the many prayers and support! I pray for you. Have a great week.