Even Lessons can come from Bible Referrals!

Hi Friends and Fam,

Doing well here! Elder Roundy is settling in well. I love the Greenie fire he has! (New missionaries are called “greenies”…. I don’t know who came up with it, but that basically means new missionary). I never thought a mission would be so hard and so easy at the same time. But non-the-less, I’m loving it!

Tashema and her Kids and her friend Lalisha didn’t end up coming to church yesterday…. Really sad, but we won’t give up on them. Its so hard because they all expressed how much they wanted to come to church this last week, but didn’t end up coming through when a member went to pick them up. The thing you can do is pray for them and seek inspiration how to continue to help them.

A Bible Referral means the someone went online and requested a free bible, and then the missionaries deliver it as requested. Marquita is her name. She is a younger black lady, with purple hair and 4 kids. She is really nice! We were over last night and showed the Finding Faith in Christ video. Even got a few of her kids to watch it. Anyways, we are going to start the lessons with her this weekend! Really excited!

Jermaine, Mimi and Shakira are doing well! Jermaine is receiving the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday! Thats really exciting! They are loving church! Expecially since we had a break-the-fast this last Sunday, basically a potluck after church, and they loved being there. They have changed so much. Even in our lesson this week with them, they are different. Again, I’m amazed how much the Gospel changes people.

My Thought for Today:
We had a tender moment with a lady this week with Sister Perez. Brother and Sister Perez are such amazing people. They have gone through so much in their lives, marriage, eminent divorce, family problems, and the endless temptations of Satan. They have started coming back active in the last few months. The thing I leaned is how good the gospel is from them. There are so much better things in the world. In all the bad, the heartache, the trials and troubles: the Gospel is something that helps with that. There are better things in the world than what is just in our vision, but having an eternal vision, we can find endless happiness and peace. Through the poverty I’ve seen, the horrible things done to other people, the selfishness, and hate, I still find hope and joy through the Gospel of Jesus Christ because that is what our *good* Heavenly Father wants us to have. All Good things come from God.

What have we done to share that with our friends and neighbors? I know its something so personal to us, and we fear what if our friendship is broken because of it? I think the best thing to do is to use your missionaries! Thats what they are there for. I mean, ask the missionaries to have them ask your friend if they want to find out more, and if they say no, after the missionaries walk away, tell your friend how weird they are or whatever. We are never going to know if we don’t ask our friends. We know how much better things are. Share it! Trust that Heavenly Father will
testify in their hearts as you share the truths you know.

Hope you all have a great week! And Lots of love,