New Transfer!

Hi Friends and Fam!

Having a wonderful week here in the Fall weather! My new companion is straight from the MTC, Elder Roundy is his name! He is amazing! I’m impressed with how much faith he has, and how dedicated he wants to be. I know that we can be blessed in the coming 2 transfers here in Belleville. He is 6 feet 4 in tall. I’m only 5 feet, 8 in…. At least people won’t mess too much with us! (Not that it happens already, but extra precaution). He is from Magna, Utah! Its funny because not that many people know where that is, and it Elder Roundy was tired of explaining where it
was at church yesterday. Its northwest Utah, near the Salt Lakes. He’s been getting settled in, really glad he is here. One of the first questions he asked me when I found out who he was at our transfer meeting was how long I was out, and I told him 3 months…. And the look on his face, was quite interesting! It made me laugh because I told him it is going to be learning experience for both of us. The Lord qualifies those whom he calls. He knows that everything will go forward and knows that we can do it. If the Lord wants me to do this, I will.

We were driving around on Saturday to see some of our investigators, and got a text that Sister Wilson was going to the hospital with a Heart attack. Oh Crud! Thats not good… Me and Elder Roundy prayed hard that night that she would be okay. It turns out that she is, it has nothing to do with her heart, but side effects from some medication that she was taking. Poor lady, she is just having the worst luck this month with hospital visits, a car accident, and now this. But the thing that impresses me so much about her and her testimony, that she is still smiling. Through
everything that she has gone through in her life, and she tells us it has been horrible things, she still knows the Lord takes care of her, everything will be okay, and so she smiles because she sees the blessings in her life. The Gospel brings blessings! When we are faced with challenges, hardships, heart-ace, its not because God hates us. He lets those things happen out of love. We cannot learn in this life without problems or trials. If we have that perspective of the picture, we understand that the Lord doesn’t give us trials beyond our ability. If any of you are going through trials right now, pray. Its as simple as that. God will help you, he always does. Trials are a test of wither or not we will turn back to God, and as you turn to him, you can see blessings in your
life and the love he has for each and every one of his Children.

We stopped by our Bible Referral last night, Marquita! She is a neat lady! We love her because she is always smiling, even after working a hard night at work to finding her kids destroying her house. Me and Elder Roundy really believe that she is one prepared by the Lord. Everything we’ve taught her, she accepts well. We have an official appointment later this week where we will have another lesson on the Plan of Salvation. She has a family, and she is so impressed with two 18-20 year old’s sacrificing 2 years of their lives, and she told us that is something she wants her kids
to become and do. We even shared her our experience with fasting yesterday, and she loved hearing about it and wants to try it!

Rinoa’s lessons are coming along. Just working on the Commandments with her, specifically Tithing/Fast offerings and Word of Wisdom. She is really sharp. The only struggle with her right now is that her family hasn’t made it to church in the last 2 weeks…. Rinoa likes throws her mom under the bus all the time we are over there, and it reminds me how honest kids are.

Crissie, the lady who had the brown recluse spiders at her house, whom we moved a few months ago, she is getting interested in the church and is asking questions. We might start teaching her the lessons here soon! That will be exciting because they will make such great members of the church.

Everything is going well here! I hope and pray that you have a good week.

The Gospel is restored. Its true. I live it. I love it!

Lots of love,