Hi Friends and Fam!

Me and Elder Peterson have been having a great week here in the sweet old Belleville!
Transfer calls were this last week, transfers happen every 6 weeks, and me who is being trained just finished the 12 week training. So transfer calls
came, and I’ll be staying here in Belleville!!!

But wait, there’s more. The subject might be slightly confusing. Instead of having a follow-up trainer come into Belleville, to, you know, to follow up – I’ll be training a brand new missionary! We call our trainees, sons. I don’t know who he is quite yet! We don’t find out till transfer meeting on Wednesday. Training basically means I’m helping a brand new missionary from the MTC get adjusted to missionary life, and start them on their adventure. What a privilege! I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL, but the Lord has his purposes. If he wants me to train, only being out for 3 months, Ill do it!

All in all, this week has been really good. Jermaine, Mimi and Shakira are doing well! Sister Wilson got in a car accident from a shuttle service on her way to the doctors office on Friday. She just got thrown from her weel-chair, but she is doing well! She is a stud!! Just recovering for a bit.

Tashema who we contact last week, we stopped by again on Friday. We were talking with her on her porch, and asked if we could meet her kids – who were inside – because we were going to start teaching them as well! Her Friend Talisha was there. We also had Sister Blackham there with us as a member. Everything about that meeting and lesson was perfect; a powerful experience. Talisha is going through severe problems right now, with her kids being taken away from her to her abusive husband, and she fell apart right in the arms of Sister Blackham. We told her of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how she can find hope again in her life. She even committed to baptism after a really good restoration lesson. The spirit was undeniable. I’m sorry me words aren’t as eloquent, but needles to say, moments like this are reason’s my missionaries serve missions. What are the chances her friend would have been there, and we had the exact thing that she needed to hear? They were all supposed to come to church yesterday, but didn’t… Sad day. We don’t know what happened, but have another lesson tonight with them! Looking forward to it. Tashema is a less-active.

We picked up an investigator in Mascoutah this week as well. The work has been slow there, but we tracted into Skylar. He is a very logical person. He reminds me alot of Spok in Star Trek, personality wise. Thank goodness the gospel makes sense, because we taught him the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and accepted it well! He was baffled, and didn’t know that there were people before the Native Americans, the people in the book of Mormon being the ancestors of those people.

Elder Peterson is transferring to Cape Girardeau Stake, Fedricktown. I’ll greatly miss him. He has been a really great trainer, and friend to me. We have had lots of fun serving together. If Elder Peterson is reading this: keep smiling.

Hope you all have a great week! Enjoy the fall weather, its rolling in here.

Lots of love,