Less-actives are Golden!

Hi Friends and Fam!

Another Great week here in Belleville. We are coming up to the end of my training (for those who don’t know, you are trained as a missionary in the field by a trainer for 12 weeks) and for the most part – I think I’ll be staying here in Belleville for another Transfer. Transfer calls come in this Saturday. I will greatly miss my companion Elder Peterson. What a great guy to serve with. Always smiling and happy!

We have been working a lot with less-actives this week! Tashema is a less-active. Meaning she hasn’t been to church is a while… 7 years to be exact. She is a neat lady who sees a lot of happiness in the Gospel. She is a smart cookie, I do have to say. Anyways, she actually found us while we were walking to the Wilsons a few weeks back. We went and visited her on Friday, and she has such great faith. She wants to coming back to church because she knows its the thing she needs. She has been missing that peace and comfort in her life, especially as her family is passing away like
crazy around her. She has three kids, and we are going to start teaching two of them, to be baptized!!! She wasn’t able to make it to the O’fallon Stake Conference this weekend, but will come next week to our normal Ward.

Our Media referral we got last week, we finally caught yesterday, and have some great potential there teaching Marquita and her family!! (Media Referal is someone who requests like a bible or Book of Mormon online, and we go and deliver it – she requested a bible and we got a return appointment)

Through lots of crazy! Jermaine, Mimi and Shakira are going to keep attending our ward!!! While living with their mom during the week, will come up to Sister Wilsons on the weekends! Different from what we initially thought a few weeks back. They are doing good!

I learned a lot during this last weekend’s Stake Conference. Elder K. Davis Scott, and area 70 from Chicago came. What a really great speaker, who is so in tune with the spirit. The whole talk over the last several months is the “Hastening the work of Salvation”. We as members “Shepard people to the temple” to receive those saving ordinances, but that’s what it really boils down to. Hastening the work is “a method by which missionaries and members work together in a focused and coordinated effort to assist high potential families and individuals to receive exalting ordinances” as Elder Scott defined. What a great time that we live in! That was the topic of this conference and how important this work needs to go forth.

Sending my love back home! Have a Wonderful Week!

The Gospel is True! I live it! I love it!

(Sorry there aren’t many pictures… many more next week as we are going to
the St. Louis Arch today!)

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Water Towers on Scott Air Force Base… Yep, many of those here.
* (The leaves are changing too)*