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Hi Friends and Fam!

What a great week! Of course minus the stomach flu me and Elder Peterson got over the weekend, but we are doing *much* better now.

We picked up a new investigator this week: Devon. He is someone we tracted into. Let me tell you, Heavenly Father wanted us to find him. We got he prompting several weeks ago to knock on his door, and we’ve been trying to set a lesson with him. We’ve tried to come over maybe about 7 times now, and in all despair, last week I got the impression that we needed to not give up. So, on Friday, we stopped by randomly, and actually sat down with him. We taught him the restoration, and he sat there peaty quiet, taking everything in. He had a few questions, and committed to baptism! We will see how this week goes. Me and Elder Peterson feel he is one of those prepared, for why else did we get impressions to knock on his door, and to keep trying?

We also picked up Ranoa this week too! She is 9 years old, and her family is members, but she hasn’t been baptized. Her family hasn’t been too active in the last few years while Ranoa’s dad has been deployed. Its amazing because Ranoa complains to her mother all the time that she isn’t baptized! She will be baptized by the end of this month, which is really exciting! They live on the Air Force base. We actually go on base several times a week. For those who don’t know, Scott Air Force Base has the Air mobility command here. Its not a out of the way base, but one of the main ones. We can’t just walk on, but have to get pre-approved passes and show our ID to get on. (Unless we are with Brother Johnson, who is a Special Agent for the Military, no questions asked when coming on with him). Anyways, we are the only area in the mission that covers a military base. Its actually pretty sweet!

Jermaine, Mimi and Shakira officially moved to Alorton this last week. They are now in the Centerville Branch where the East St. Louis missionaries will be taking care of them now. The word is that they will still be able to attend mutual activities here in Belleville, which is perfect for them. Yes, there are missionaries in East St. Louis.

Conference this last weekend was amazing! (For those who are really
confused right now:

One of my favorite talks were by Elder Von G. Keetch:

*Blessed and Happy Are Those Who Keep the Commandments of God*

As you and I walk the paths of life and pursue our dreams, God’s commands
and standards … can sometimes be difficult to understand. They may appear
rigid and unyielding, blocking a path that looks fun and exciting and that
is being followed by so many others. …

But He who “comprehend[s] all things” [D&C 88:6] knows exactly where [the]
dangers lie. He gives us divine direction, through His commands and loving
guidance, so that we may avoid the dangers. …

We show our love for God—and our faith in Him—by doing our best every day
to follow the course that He has laid out for us and by keeping the
commandments that He has given to us. We especially manifest that faith and
love in situations where we don’t fully understand the reason for God’s
command or the particular path He is telling us to take. …

As we submit ourselves to His will, we increase in peace and happiness. …
God wants us to have joy. He wants us to have peace. He wants us to
succeed. He wants us to be safe and to be protected from the worldly
influences all around us.

​We have a loving Heavenly Father, who wants the best for us. He has given us a way back, and that is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so honored to be a representative of Christ serving my Heavenly Father. He is real. I have seen his hand in my life this week, and throughout all of my life.

*This is his work.*
I’m living it! And I love it!

Thanks for all the continued prayers. Make it a good day!