“When you are in the Service of your Fellowbeings, you are only in the Service of your God”

Hi Friends and Fam!

This week we were able to Baptize Jermaine! What a wonderful experience. We had a lot of trouble with getting his baptism ready. But in all, it happened and he was confirmed the next day in Sacrament meeting. He is a really nice guy, super sarcastic. “Are you ready to get baptized” (From our District Leader interviewing him) Jermaine: “No…” “I’m just kidding!” He loves to smile a lot, and laughs when he is nervous. Love him to death. Its sort of sad, Mimi, Shakira and Jermaine are going to live back with their mom in Allerton, which is in East St. Louis. They will be in the
Centerville branch with the Elders down there. Sort of sad, but they will still attend Youth Activities here in Belleville.

Elder Peterson and I have had many many service opportunities this week. We’ve helped Sister Wilson continue to paint her kitchen, and helped a less-active move. That took up most of the week, besides our weekly meetings, plus Zone Leader Training. We had President and Sister Morgan there giving training about our visit from C. Scott Grow the previous week.
We have a lot of work as a mission, but Elder Grow had given our mission a very good compliment, that he would not worry if one of his grandchildren were to be in the St. Louis Mission. That is a very great compliment with highest respect to President and Sister Morgan. They care so much about the mission, and missionaries.

​Had another great day of Service in Mascoutah​ on top of all the other service this week.

Missionary work cannot happen without the help of the Ward council. The Belleville ward has started to invite us into their meetings to talk about the investigators, less-actives and part member families in this area. What a blessing. For those who don’t know, these meetings are coordination meetings to coordinate between the missionaries and the members. Without the members, its impossible to do missionary work. This is the huge push from C. Scott Grow and his council to the Stake leaders and wards in the St. Louis Mission. Our mission has a goal of baptizing 453 people this year. We are only around 60% of the way there with three months to go. This is a testimony that the Lord provides a way to make his precepts happen. This council that was given, will explode the missionary work in this mission. Really excited!! The work will prevail.

Thank you for the many prayers and support. Thanks for taking a minute to read my emails. I know they are kid of dry, but Missionary work is amazing.

Lots of love! The Gospel is True! I live it, and I love it!

Service in Mascoutah Senior Center!

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