First Mission Tour!

Slower week here in Belleville. But hey! We Had C. Scott Grow (I know) from the quorum of the 70’s come for our Mission Tour this week!!! All the zones here in Illinois gathered at the Stake Center here in O’Fallon, and what a great experience it was! He spent a lot of time talking about how missionaries work with the ward members, ward council, and bishop. I really
didn’t know before my mission how important the members are with missionary work. The missionaries *cannot* do missionary work without the members of that ward. Simple enough. I wished I did more to help the ward missionaries back at home. He also spoke about how we can better recognize and receive revelation for our lives (or more particularly for missionaries, but I think it applies to anybody). “As we study the scriptures, let them become us, we will change. As you also recognize the voice of the scriptures, you will then more fully recognize the voice of revelation.”

Jermaine is on track to get baptized this Saturday!!! All in all, it was really difficult to be able to see him the last two weeks. We were told that him, Mimi, and Shakira might be moving away before Jermaine could get baptized. But it turns out that they will be living at Sister Wilson’s for a bit longer!!! The Lord has made everything work out. We spent some time
last week painting Sister Wilson’s Kitchen. Me and Elder Peterson loved it! It was lots of fun. She wanted it Yellow and Red. Bold, but looks great!

Not too much else went on this week. We have stake conference coming up here after General Conference! I am super excited for General Conference!
For those who don’t know what that is, visit here: I personally love General Conference because I feel at many times, the prophets and apostles are speaking directly to me. Its a testimony to me
that Heavenly Father does hear our prayers, he knows our desires, he knows our challenges and struggles, and helps us, because of that infinite love he has for each and every one of his children.

Sorry my email is sorter today, having problems with using the computer,
have a cold coming down…

Have a great week!

​Attached is what C. Scott Grow covered in our Mission Tour this week!
Check it out:​

pdf icon How-to-Hasten-the-Work-of-Salvation.pdf