Welcome back-busy schedule… :)

Hi Everyone!
A Great hello from Belleville Illinois!

The work has been great, and lots of it this week! Me and Elder Peterson have the goal of going the extra mile this transfer. Which has been really great, because its helping us to make lots of progress here. We love being here. We are on a new transfer (For those who don’t know, missionaries are on a 6 weeks cycle, and at the end of it, you could move or stay, get a new companion or keep the same one). Me and Elder Peterson are staying here in Belleville, to finish up my training, which covers two transfers or 12 weeks.

We are currently teaching a newish person. Dan. We ran into him a few weeks ago, but really havn’t been able to see him because of his busy work schedule. We went by a few times in the last 1.5 months and just left notes, not being able to catch him. We went out in team-ups/splits for the first time in a while in this ward on Friday. I went with our Ward mission leader to cover some less actives in the Belleville area, while Elder Peterson went with a new family Brother Abrams, who is an officer in the Army (really awesome family who loves doing missionary work), and they covered the Mascoutah area (an area about 15 miles to the east, part of our ward). So we were able to cover our whole entire area in one night for the less-actives. Really awesome!!!

Anyhoot, We just stopped by him just because we had a minute, and he was actually home! And actually really happy to see us. Since the first time we met him a few months ago, he feels that God had put him on the back burner. He had an accident when he was 13 the caused him to forget his whole childhood… But the first time we met him, we committed him to pray and read the Book of Mormon. He has been praying on his own, and even asking questions in his prayers about life and stuff. That night, it blew me away to see that he had actually been taking on this commitment. We talked, and set-up an appointment for the next day to come by before he left for work. It went great! We has previously taught the restoration, and focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ this lesson, and really talked to him about faith. He felt as if he didn’t have any faith. And I told him “Do you know you are doing an act of faith right now?”, and he looked puzzled… and laughed. He didn’t even realize that meeting with the missionaries is an act of faith. He is a smoker. He wants to stop. He tried stopping when he was around 18, but I guess his asthma acted up really bad and put him in the hospital because he tried to stop. He said that if his asthma wasn’t a problem, he would want to stop smoking. Awesome!!! There is a smoking workshop that the missionaries use. If he really wants to commit to being baptized, he can and will stop smoking. I know that to be true.

Anyhoot! That’s Dan. He is really progressing now. Really excited for him.

Jermaine is slowly progressing toward baptism and confirmation. He really wants to be baptized, but honestly his learning challenges makes it really difficult. We have been praying to know how we can teach him. We have seen a HUGE difference in him and Mimi and Shakira since they starting to live the gospel in their lives. Its a testimony to me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really does change lives, in seen and un-seen ways, and lifts people up. We’ve had to move his baptism date out another week or so.

Really looking forward to having more adventures this upcoming week, these are a few on many, and others that cannot be expressed with words.

The Gospel is real. Its True. It blesses lives. I live it. I love it.

Miracles do happen everyday. Find them in your own lives, they are everywhere.

Have many great adventures this coming week! Thanks for the prayers and support!

​Make it a good day!​