Live From The Field

Hi Everyone!

This week has been really weird…. We’ve felt like we haven’t had time to do anything, except get Mimi and Shakira ready for baptism, which happened this last Saturday! (Sorry for the weird way to start that sentence, but its already written, and my hand doesn’t feel like pressing backspace). What a wonderful experience! These two girls were so prepared by the Lord. They were so excited when they came and saw the baptism font for the first time!

We’ve actually had been struggling of Thursday night if there was even going to be a baptism, not because the girls weren’t ready, but the bishop couldn’t get any bishopric members to be there because of previous obligations, including himself…. And finding out our ward mission leader couldn’t be there, the bishop had a former bishop preside and conduct the baptism: Brother Kissle. Talk about stressful the night before wondering is there would be someone there to preside the baptism the next day.

BUT, IN ALL, It was a beautiful baptism. Mimi and Shakiras mother came, who is not a member: Kisha. The missionaries actually started teaching her a few months ago, but when she moved, she fell of the grid, and then they started to teach her kids. But she came! Along with Kisha’s dad, and her sister Tanisha. (Yeah, lots of similar names, it makes it hard to learn, but no sweat). Got to play a special musical number at the baptism. An arrangement of two songs I just found, I’m a child of God and Teach me to Walk in the Light.¬† The spirit was so strong after that, you could literally cut it with a knife…. No, haha. I know everyone felt it. It almost made me cry to look over and to see Mimi and Shakira so happy. The next day, they were confirmed in sacrament, and a bunch of their family, again showed up (I was able to baptize and confirmed Shakira and Elder Peterson baptized and confirmed Mimi). Really awesome! It has been so fun being able to teach the girls. Now we just need to get Jermaine on the road to baptism along with Kisha! They all really enjoyed Church yesterday, even Kisha, and are planning on coming back next week!
Anyhoot, here is the pic:

We even had a sacrament meeting yesterday all focused around hymns, because this month 30 years ago the hymn book, organized by Emma Smith, was published. We had a great meeting, singing many hymns. I actually got to play the Organ yesterday for a song (#124)! Lots of fun! The ward uses my talents a lot now. I love it!!

Last week, If I’ve done my math right, we’ve walked over 35 miles in a week….. Ouch. We only have the car every other week. Which means a lot of our time was spent walking. But the flip side, we met a lot of people! (We do ride the bus too)

We are coming up at the end of the first transfer (6 weeks)….. I can’t believe its already here. A sense of time is so weird on a mission. It feels long, then three seconds later, it feels short. The transfer has felt long, but looking back, quite short. I’ll most likely be staying here in Belleville for another transfer because of my training, but transfer calls come in on Saturday!

My Favorite video for those having a down week:

Thank you for the continued prayers and support. They really do make a difference, and I have seen those in my life this week, especially.

Have a great week!