Baptism! And “where did the time go?”

Hello Everyone!

This week has been really great! We have two baptism scheduled for this Saturday! It will be my first baptism on the mission, but not my “first” baptism. I’m really excited! Mimi and Shakira are on track to get baptized. Its unfortunate that Jermain was suddenly taken back to his dads, so he hasn’t been around for about the last week… We still have a bit to teach him. He will hopefully get baptized here in a week or two. But Mimi and Shakira – we’ve met with a bunch this week, almost everyday that we can. They are amazing. They are two shy but smart girls, and have a desire to learn the gospel. Our mission has a goal of reaching 453 baptisms and confirmation this year. We are chugging right along to reach our goal. The Lord has been preparing people, its just a matter of finding those who are ready to receive the gospel.

Our other investigators are progressing. Dario invited us over for dinner this week! We taught the Plan of Salvation, which answered a lot of questions about where we came from, why are we here, and where are we going. He really liked the fact that people who haven’t had the opportunity to hear of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will have the opportunity in the spirit world. His wife is a member, we found out, she hasn’t really been active her whole life, but is willing to let us come over and teach her husband. We actually picked up Dario’s daughter and Neighbor as investigators! Awesome!

Crissie invited us over for dinner as well this week. We had a really nice meal. We actually cooked the meal for her, and made some homemade apple pie for dinner. We love going over there because their family is fantastic. The best part of all of it was that we sat down and had a story that Elder Peterson told about his Mom, who basically was kicked out of her house at age 16 because of her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and how that brought such happiness to her life. As we talked about the Book of Mormon, Crissie began to tell us how reading the bible has helped her life to be able to get through some hard stuff. Its was great, because she choose to participate in the spiritual thought that Elder Peterson prepared! We pray for her and her family. No more spider problems in their new home! (thank goodness…)
This coming Sunday I have the opportunity to play the Organ in church! And I did a special musical number in District Meeting this last Wednesday of the piece “I Walked Today where Jesus Walked”. It was really awesome! I love how the Lord uses our individual talents to help bless the lives of others. It brought such a spirit to the room.

Nothing else too much to report, except that me and Elder Peterson went to the zoo this last week on P-day. The St. Louis zoo was built as part of the world fair back a long time ago…. It is really amazing, and they have a lot of animals, we only were able to see a small portion of it. The best part of all, its FREE! Check out the pictures below.

Make it great week!!​ Lots of love!