Spider Infestation….. and 3 Baptism dates!!

Hi y’all… Okay I did it, haha! I stop now.

This week has been really fun! The work is going forward!!

Me, Elder Peterson and the East St. Louis elders has the opportunity to help a family move from their house in Shiloh because it was infested with Brown Recluse spiders…. Haha, talk about bearing the bad news when you show up not knowing! No, it was really fantastic! We worked all afternoon Thursday and all day Friday to help this family move. It was tedious because we had to check everything for the spiders, they had sprayed for them a few days before, but you never know. There were some alive ones we did find… Cristie is her name, here husband Jeff is serving a one year deployment in South Korea, and Cristie has two kids who are 15 and 10 or so, all on her own… They are really good friends with a member family in our ward; shes not a member. Its been really great because for a majority of the time, most members in our ward are working during the week because you know, active air force, so it was us the 4 missionaries and the Byingtons who are good friends with them, moving their whole house, with some help from the Tilton family. It was hard work, but Cristie is even inviting all the missionaries back in a few weeks once she gets everything all settled and over for dinner!!! We even had dinner with her family at the Byingtons last night, and it was really good because me and Elder Peterson got to role play the restoration lesson to Jacob – one of the Byingtons sons – with Cristie in the room, but not teach her directly, but she heard it. Haha, it was awesome! Brock, one of Cristie’s sons actually listened the whole time and took a pamphlet with him. She really loves the missionaries and we love her family a lot! Got to really know them this week.

We also were able to get Jermane, Mimi and Shakira to church yesterday! They have a baptism date set for later this month. We will be working hard to help them all we can. Got a short lesson in this week about prayer. Their house is chaos…. Which makes it hard to teach, but non the less, we were able to manage to get everyone settled for a little bit! Me and Elder Peterson go to teach primary yesterday and sit in in singing time. Wow, this primary is soooo small…. So it wasn’t too bad, but non the less, we loved it! The primary program is coming up in a few weeks! We tried really hard to get Devin, the big tattooed guy we tracted into last week to come to church, and he said he would, but couldn’t end up making it. Bum.

​Had a really awesome severe thunderstorm last night, sort of stranded us at our dinner appointment for a while…. The lighting here is in-creditable!

Toured the Belleville fire station on Monday! Really cool! Got to sit in the drivers seat of a ladder fire truck and toured their facility. Firefighting is amazing, lots of respect for them. The coolest part is that they have a 70 foot piece of the 9/11 towers there… They are trying to raise money to make a monument in town for the events on that day as a commemoration. I was amazed and thought about Testament. Bum! bum bum bum bum……..< Bum! bum bum bum bum…….. Weeeeeeeeeee-ohhhhhhh!!!!!

Anyhoot! Always expect the unexpected! Even got a hug from a drunk lady on our way home Saturday, but non the less, gave her a Book of Mormon. She won’t remember how she got it in the morning! Haha, hope she reads it.

Thanks for your prayers, always. ​Have a great week!!​