Welcome to Belleville Illinois!


Finally made it to the field and out of the MTC! I am serving in the Belleville Illinois area with my Trainer Elder Peterson. Man he is awesome! We both have similar personalities and he actually looks a lot like me. He has been serving for over 10 months and now has the opportunity to train me! I really love him and we get a long really well.

I love my mission. The St. Louis area is amazing! The people are amazing! The sights are amazing! The work is amazing! There is lots of potential here in Belleville. Everything is amazing and I’m loving it! The first time I stepped into the St. Louis air was eye opening. But since then, I’ve actually gotten pretty used to it now. Its actually not too bad.

I spent my first night in the mission home with 26 other new missionaries who were on the plane with me. The MTC was fantastic and I learned a lot about how to be a missionary, and now its time to be an actual missionary, which I am stoked to finally be here!

We have just a handful of investigators right now. Me and Elder Peterson have spent a lot of time following up on potentials the last few days. The week of transfers is weird since we don’t really have a ton of time. My very first full day in the field started with us serving at an awesome senior center is Mascoutah, which we do every Thursday morning. Loved every minute of it. We spend time helping prepare lunch (Chicken Pot Pie) that we serve around 60 people. I love old people! Haha.

Belleville has a gigantic Air Force base that’s part of our area. Lots of the ward members actually work for the air force which is really cool! Scott’s Airforce base. I love it because our second dinner appointment was on the air force base, and it takes a while to get a pass to get onto it…

We currently have a few investigators: Jermane/Mimi/Shakira area all 15, 13, and 11 years old. They live with their Grandma who is a member, and they have a baptism date for the 29th of August. We are really excited for them, but they still have a little ways to go. Jermane and Shakira were out of town this last lesson and we don’t know when they will be back not to mention Jermane has a learning difficulty. We love them, and their family! We have two lessons later this week and hope that they are all back in town. There area ton of potentials here in Belleville. Our ward is so small, yet a ton of people live here. Me and Elder Peterson are going to change that.

That’s our main investigator right now. We’ve contacted a bunch of potentials the last few days, and have many returning appointments later this week. Will report next time about how they went!

Missionary work is amazing! I’m so glad to be here. The Lord has been preparing people to hear the message of the resorted gospel, its just a matter of finding those people who he has prepared.

Loving it here!! Hope everything is going great back at home.
~Stay cool in that heat

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