First few days gone!!

Wow! Being a missionary is simply just awesome!!
I’m spending about 12 days here in the MTC (Missionary Training Center), which is short compared to many other missionaries who are spending upwards of 9 weeks here.
There is literally missionaries here that are going all around the world (expect you know some places), but its amazing to see that! Still haven’t found the Vancouver WA Mission ones yet, but still looking. There are around 2,000 of us here.
I’ve been spending the first few days getting settled in. I have a great companion (Elder Noyes, or No/Yes depending on how you look at it, but pronounced Noise.) who is a complete farm boy. Grew up in Northern Utah who raises cows and sheep like no other-something I don’t really have a ton of experience with. But he is great, and we are getting together well!
Mostly what I have been up to is being in the classroom learning how we can better teach people or investigators. Our purpose is to Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. This might seem small and quite insignificant and the usual, but let me tell you that this purpose has real power as a missionary. We help people find happiness in their lives. I am a different person than when I entered the MTC. I’ve just been here 5 days. Think of the normal progression of change, but exponential and multiplied by 200,000 or more. Its i n c r e d i t a b l e how much the spirit can work in your life.
I want to share just a snippit of last nights devotional by a church leader, Elder Bednar about the character of Christ. As we read the New testament about the ministry of Christ to the Book of Mormon, there is no point where Jesus Christ turns inward. Bear with me. We know that we are natural men, and we are enemy’s to God. The natural instinct for all imperfect people, like us, is that we naturally think about ourselves. He related it to the Cookie Monster from Sesame street. “I Want Cookie Now!”. We know as we follow and study the life of Christ, there is no point where Christ ever thought about himself. As he went through the Garden of Gethsemane suffering for all of mankind sins to finding his dearest friends not be able to stay up with him for one hour to being betrayed by one of his apostles to being crucified on the cross and doing missionary work even with the two thief’s that were bearing the cross with him, he never at any point in his life thought about himself or turned inward. He could of gotten mad or angry with his apostles or used his power as the Son of God to prevent his death, he did everything out of love. He perfectly cared and served others. I want to challenge you to find more examples of this Character of Christ in your reading. What does it mean to be converted? Turning outward instead of turning inward is how we are converted, and he promised that when we ourselves turn outward like Christ, we can never fall away. If you are coming to the MTC here in the next few weeks, this is my favorite thing ever is this talk! It will change your life to follow Christ even just that much more.
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Lots of care and love from over here in Provo.